Tendency to do well and excel in everything we do

VerveTex being one of the young company in this nonwoven field has accomplished a lot in past few years since we started. VerveTex Manufactures a wide variety of Nonwoven products for different applications including Automotives, footwear industry, and many other sectors. Being young has made us excel in what we do and compete with already established big players because we properly check our products and make them in the strict quality control environments.

Nonwoven rib carpets

Non Woven Rib Carpets

nonwoven shoelining

Non woven shoelining




Artificial Turf

Nonwoven vellore carpets

Non Woven Velour Carpets

nonwoven car dashboard

Non woven car dashboard

Automobile carpets

Automobile carpet

GSM: 100 to 2000, Width: upto 5 meters Colors: Product colors can be from one of the sample tiles or any color that is possible according to color code

Application of Nonwoven carpets

Can be used in home decoration or office decoration, and can also be made for the automobile. Available in Various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Application of Geotextiles

Used in Civil engineering applications together with soil, rock, and water. Also used in geotechnical engineering, heavy construction, building and pavement construction.


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Panipat/Haryana, CA, India