There are thousands of rug designs, type, colors, and patterns available in the market, and it gets hard to decide what each rug symbolizes or how to use them to decorate the home? They are even designed according to different countries traditions and culture and have unique designs so it gets even more difficult. We have created an infographic to help you better understand how to select the best rug for your home easy. We hope you like it and are able to understand better after this.

Infographic on how to select the best rug for your home by verve hand-made

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The quality of these rugs is simply superior. And when I think that each rug takes months of preparation and passionate work... It's lucky to support a cause and gain a piece of art for my home.

Alex Nguyen

My new rug from Verve Hand-Made is a perfect addition to my space. I love the buffalo plaid in the grey tones.

Cindy Fowler

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