Handmade Indian Rugs by Verve Hand-Made

Jasdeep Shangari is an entrepreneur with a vision and a mission. His company Verve Hand-Made has sourced authentic textile products, including genuine luxury area rugs, across five decades and three generations of the Shangari family. The business has thrived in Asia and the subcontinent, and now Jasdeep is bringing his wide array of rug textiles to the United States.

A Tradition Across Three Generations

The Verve Hand-Made story begins with Jasdeep’s grandfather, Mohinder Singh, who was inspired to build larger agricultural machinery to aid the poor farmers of his region of India. Through this work, Mohinder developed an interest in textiles that could be made by local farmers using the materials harvested by the new modern machinery, thereby marrying a centuries-old tradition of rug-making with modern architectural technology.

Jasdeep’s father Kuldeep Singh Shangari continued the family tradition of innovation by creating “technical textile carpets” that are made using the fiber that comes from recycled plastic bottles helping environment while providing great products.

Now, it’s Jasdeep’s turn to make his mark by helping to share the beauty of handmade Indian rugs with the rest of the world, including clients in the United States who value natural products and fair, sustainable trade more than ever before.

A New Wave of Economic Growth in India

The homegrown businesses from which Jasdeep works with to produce luxury area rugs in India provide the best opportunities for the hardworking people of rural India to support the economy of their local community. In an age of mass production, the weavers of India have found sustainable value in their one-of-a-kind creations. And the money these highly-skilled weavers earn helps to support dozens of people in their village in India through the production of their handmade Indian rugs. We invite you to watch this short video to gain a brief glimpse into the footprint of this business in India.

Importantly, Verve Hand-Made is one of the many companies collectively contributing to economic development in India, a nation that was once thought to be condemned to a future of irreversible poverty. Recently, the consulting firm McKinsey & Company commissioned a study of micro business growth in India. Their findings show a substantial impact on the standards of living brought to India by new economic opportunities like these.

Verve Hand-Made Imports Only the Best

Of course, Jasdeep and his family can only help bring success to communities in India if the textiles they produce are worth buying outside the country. That is why Jasdeep ensures that all of the rugs sourced from weavers in India are of the highest quality. No two of their luxury area rugs look the same because each one uniquely reflects the soul of the rug textile artisan in India who crafted it. Verve Hand-Made’s selection of rugs includes imaginative and striking contemporary designs as well as traditional, intricate handmade Indian rugs that these master weavers have been creating for centuries.

Learn more about Verve Hand-Made, their luxury rugs, and their commitment to communities in India at https://vervetex.com.

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The quality of these rugs is simply superior. And when I think that each rug takes months of preparation and passionate work... It's lucky to support a cause and gain a piece of art for my home.

Alex Nguyen

My new rug from Verve Hand-Made is a perfect addition to my space. I love the buffalo plaid in the grey tones.

Cindy Fowler

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